Marketing Strategist

Hello there, and welcome to my website. I’m Moshiur, but you can call me Mo.

I am a Marketing Strategist with extensive experience in leading and executing impactful digital marketing campaigns.

  • Strategy Development: Craft comprehensive digital marketing strategies that align with your business goals.
  • Research: Conduct in-depth market research to understand trends, audience behaviour, and the competitive landscape.
  • Goal Setting: Establish clear marketing objectives and KPIs to measure success.
  • Innovation: Discover new opportunities for growth and innovation in digital marketing efforts.
  • Consultation: Provide expert advice on best practices and strategic approaches to achieve your marketing goals.

Visit my Behance profile to view my latest marketing campaign designs and strategic outcomes.

You can also follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter (X) for my latest insights and updates.

Featured By

Over the years, I’ve been featured and quoted in numerous
prestigious publications. Here are a few select examples.

ABA Journal

“My advice is to craft user journeys that allow law firms or attorneys to create environments where they can capture incoming traffic from social media as leads…”


“Collaboration and simplicity are the two most integral aspects of having a winning editorial calendar. It’s essential to keep things manageable by making the process simple…”


“Effective analytics strategies should always focus on actions. Data is irrelevant if the organization doesn’t know how to give it meaning…”

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